Your Guide to Get Ready for Opening Day


Your Guide to Get Ready for Opening Day

Whether it’s your first season or your fifteenth, Opening Day anticipation really sets in as the calendar turns to November. While we eagerly await that first big powder day, now is a great time to put in all the prep work for those first dreamy days back on the mountain. This year, we’ve made pre-season planning easy with our Opening Day checklist. 

Pick Your Pass: Choosing the Right Season Pass for You

Phone. Wallet. Keys. Pass. It’s the first item on any checklist. The number one thing you can’t leave home without. At Snowbasin, our range of passes meet a wide variety of needs. From the unlimited access and additional benefits of the Premier Platinum Pass to the value and flexibility of the Midweek Value Pass, there’s a pass to suit every kind of skier and rider. 

Right now is the best time to plan ahead and save! Now through November 27th, you can save up to $500 when you purchase your pass during Snowbasin’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale. Don’t delay! Prices will increase after the sale ends. 

Take Stock of Your Closet: Dressing for Success on the Slopes

Making the most of your mountain days requires attention to the finer details when it comes to clothing choices. Dressing for success is the only way to make sure that your runs won’t get cut short by clothing-related discomfort or getting too chilled. 

A solid weather-ready outfit begins with a smart base layer of clothing. Moisture-wicking material is crucial for keeping warm. Avoid cotton and look instead for light wool or synthetic materials when picking out some long underwear or other base-level layers. Over your base layer, you’ll want to consider the climate you're in and your own internal temperature. For folks who run warm, you may only want a light fleece top to pull over your base. If you keep on the cold side, warmer wool or additional layers may make your mountain days more comfortable. 

Finding the right socks is also key. You should avoid doubling up your socks, leaving the door open for sock slippage into your boots. One pair of moderately thin but warm socks should do the trick.  

Every article of clothing on your shopping list can be found at The Grizzly Center Retail Shoplocated right at the base of the mountain. Stop by for expert advice, top-quality brands, and some sweet Snowbasin swag. 

Gear Check: Finding Equipment that Measures Up

Finding the right equipment will make or break every day on the mountain. So, whether you’re starting the season with fresh gear or looking for your very first set, it’s important to get the right fit. 

Skis & Boards: An easy rule of thumb when determining which size of skis or snowboard you should buy is to try holding them upright, parallel to your body. For skis, they should fall in line somewhere between the bottom of your chin and the top of your head. If you’re a beginning or intermediate skier, you will want to find skis that stack up closer to your chin. Shorter skis are better for slower skiing and making quicker turns. If you’re more advanced, skiing off-trail, or fast, you’ll want longer skis, more in line with the top of your head. 

Similar to ski shopping, a good rule of thumb for shopping for snowboards is to stand it upright and see where it stacks up. If it hits somewhere between your chin and your nose, there’s a pretty good chance it's the right size for you. 

Boots: Boot manufacturers rate boots by a “flex index.” The highest flex on the scale is designed for beginners. The less flex—more stiff—are for more advanced skiers and riders. 

When standing up straight, your toes should brush up against the end of the boots. If they begin to curl over, size up. If they’re nowhere near the end of the boot, size down. The key is to find boots that are comfortably snug. 

Helmets & Goggles: Your gear isn’t ready to go until you’ve found the right protection. Helmets not only help to keep your head warm, it’s also the best way for riders of all levels to stay safe! When trying on helmets, shake it out! Make sure it doesn’t slide around or move side to side. It should fit soundly on your head even as you move about. 

When picking out the right goggles, major considerations are lens curve, ventilation, lens tint, and other features like lens polarization or UV protection. Find a pair of goggles that rests comfortably over your helmet, has proper ventilation, and has a spherical lens curve, which won’t cut off your peripheral vision. 

When shopping for skis, snowboards, or any other gear, our gear experts at The Grizzle Center are here and ready to help you find exactly what you need. Plus, our on-site Expert Tune & Repair Shop can get your preexisting or brand-new gear ready to take on any terrain. 

Map It Out: Making Your Way to the Mountain 

At Snowbasin, we pride ourselves on how easy it is to access the adventures waiting on our mountain. A big part of this unbeatable access is thanks to our extensive parking. Four main parking zones are all complimentary and serviced by shuttle, which will take you from the lot to the mountain base with ease. 

Maintaining our commitment to access, this winter, we’re happy to announce further enhancements to our parking and arrival systems, including an expansion of 124 additional parking stalls in our Canyon Rim lot. 

Good in a Pinch: Packing a Go-Bag


While our retail and on-mountain dining have meals, snacks, extra socks, extra hand warmers, and anything you might forget at home, covered, it’s still a good idea to pack a go-bag to anticipate any mountain day needs. A few items that are always good to keep on hand: chapstick, sunscreen, plenty of water to stay hydrated, and a lift snack or two to avoid any mid-run peckishness. 

For even more pre-season inspiration, check out planning tips, including maps and mountain conditions, on our new website! Find out more about rentals, where to stay nearby, public transit schedules, and so much more. It’s almost time to hit the slopes on Opening Day, and we can’t wait to meet you on the mountain.