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At Snowbasin, we are committed to always striving toward sustainability. We focus on putting our best foot forward as stewards of the great outdoors. We look for both industry standards and innovation to continue growing our success in summiting a sustainable mountain operation. With these priorities in mind, Snowbasin proudly joined the NSAA Sustainable Slopes Commitment, a national ski area goal to create environmentally friendly operations. In that commitment, we pledge to:

  • Incorporate sustainability into all aspects of our resort.
  • Lead by example, and educate employees and guests about Sustainability.
  • Place collaboration over competition when it comes to sustainability.
  • Advocate for climate responsibility.

We are proud to highlight some initiatives that have created an impact on our sustainability. 

  • Energy efficiency- At Snowbasin, we make every effort to conserve energy use. We have made significant upgrades to our building controls, snowmaking, and heating needs to reduce our energy consumption. Being energy efficient is good for the environment and benefits the community we share a grid with. We all win with sustainability.
  • Waste Diversion- Snowbasin has a robust waste diversion program. We reduce thousands of pounds of waste each year that would otherwise end up in our landfills. Reducing waste is an environmentally sound practice that also benefits our community. Weber County transfer station is rapidly nearing capacity. Weber County is already paying to ship much of its waste to other landfill areas. They no longer accept waste from residents of other counties. The urgency is upon us, and Snowbasin understands our responsibility to reduce our waste and leave space for years to come.
  • Snowbasin maintains healthy Ecosystems- Snowbasin has a strong program for maintaining healthy ecosystems. A few things we maintain are wildlife habitats like bird nests, native plant species, erosion damage, and controlling invasive species of plants and insects. We know that healthy ecosystems clean air, provide drinking water, regulate climate and provide many other human and animal health benefits. Snowbasin is committed to the ecosystems our community thrives on.
  • Reduce water consumption- Snowbasin is a water-conscious operation. We have done traditional measures to ensure we are water efficient. Some of those things include, updated appliances, low-water toilets, landscaping adjustments and similar. We go beyond the usual water conservation efforts with a water recapture tank, efficient wells, and more. In years of abundant water availability, this is important, but in years of drought, our community needs our diligence and they can count on us.