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New last season, a free Uphill Access Pass is required to participate in uphill travel at Snowbasin Resort. This ensures all participants sign the annual waiver, acknowledging they understand the route and policies. Additionally, Snowbasin has added a "Yellow" uphill status to increase access on days with upper mountain activity. 

Check Back Soon, Uphill Access Passes Will Be Available This Fall

Reflective armbands are issued to pass holders to display on mountain. Uphill travel passes may be picked up at the Meadow Yurt during resort operations and on Earl's Plaza each morning starting at 5:30am on days that the uphill travel status is green or yellow. 

Rules and Guidelines

All uphill users must abide by the following:

  • Uphill users are required to have completed the 2022-23 Winter Uphill Access Pass agreement.
  • Uphill users must have a light on front and back at all times (white front/red back) and have the appropriate armband issued by Snowbasin visible at all times.
  • Uphill travel will be allowed on Green and Yellow days only between 4:00am and 8:30am and during special events.
  • Use only approved route for the day or event and stay in the middle of the run; uphill route is to be used as the downhill route. All uphill travel must cease by 8:30am.
  • Skis, snowboards and snowshoes only.
  • “Winch Cat Ahead” sign marks the end of the ascent, DO NOT travel beyond or around a winch cat.
  • Users must avoid all types of machinery, including but not limited to snow cats, snowmobiles, snowmaking and pressurized equipment; users must not cross snowmaking lines at any time or interfere in any way with snowmaking or other mountain operations.
  • Only stop where visible from above and below; no stopping on crest of steep pitches.
  • You must park in the Earl's or Maples parking lots to access the resort through the base area.
  • Dogs must be on leash at all times and are not allowed on the mountain outside of uphill travel hours.

The ONLY approved routes start from the Base Area to Needles Lodge or Middle Bowl Express following these trails:

Uphill Status & Approved Routes

During winter operations, there are three scenarios for the daily uphill status. They are the following and feature the ONLY approved routes:

  • Green Day: Access to Needles Lodge through the following routes:
    Powder Puff > School Hill or Snowshoe Road > School Hill > Bear Hollow > Sweet Revenge or Cut off Sweet Revenge to Middle Bowl Traverse > Porky Traverse > Strawberry Traverse

  • Yellow Day: Access to the base of Middle Bowl Express through the following route:
    Powder Puff > School Hill or Snowshoe Road > School Hill > Bear Hollow

  • Red Day: No uphill access is allowed.

The uphill status will be posted each day on the Conditions Page. You must use the same route downhill, turning around by 8:30am. Please do not go off the approved route, if found off the approved route there will be consequences. This is for everyone’s safety. The cache road that accesses Strawberry from Snowbasin Road is for employee travel only.

Uphill Travel Map

PLEASE NOTE: Skier services are not generally available outside of normal resort operating hours. In the event of an emergency, call 911.


Uphill Communicaiton

Each day, Snowbasin's uphill travel status will be updated on the Conditions Page as Green, Yellow or Red. Please note that uphill travel is only allowed between 4:00am and 8:30am, regardless what status is displayed on the website. Want to receive text updates for Snowbasin's uphill travel status? Click the link below to subscribe.


Full Moon Uphill

Conditions permitting, Snowbasin Resort will allow uphill access between 6:00pm and 8:30am on nights with a full moon. Standard uphill rules and guidelines apply. Please check the uphill status on the conditions page to verify access. For the 2022-23 season, those dates are:

  • Wolf Moon: January 6, 2023
  • Snow Moon: February 5, 2023
  • Worm Moon: March 7, 2023
  • Pink Moon: April 5, 2023



Violations of the following may result in legal prosecution and/or loss of Pass and skiing/snowboarding privileges:

  • Skiing/snowboarding too fast, recklessly or beyond your ability; not adhering to Your Responsibility Code.
  • Skiing/snowboarding beyond CLOSED AREA or AVALANCHE DANGER signs.
  • Not following signs, warnings or instructions, or directions from Ski Patrol or other employees.
  • Misconduct on the ski area or Snowbasin property. Abusive or rude language and/or other unacceptable or dangerous behavior.
  • Engaging in activities for compensation while on the ski area or Snowbasin property, including but not limited to: ski instruction, guiding and soliciting ski students.
  • All uphill users must have a valid day or season lift pass to ride a chairlift or gondola. Failure to have purchased a valid day or season lift pass before loading a chairlift or gondola anywhere at the resort may result in criminal charges in addition to loss or suspension of any and all pass privileges.

Uphill Access Waiver: If you signed up for Uphill Travel Access over the phone, please fill out theUphill Access Waiver.