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Mountain-Top Brunch
Starting today at: 10:00am

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SnowWiesn Oktoberfest ft. The Pour
Starting today at: 12:00pm

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Experience Snowbasin on the Ikon Pass

Snowbasin Resort, located just 45-minutes from Salt Lake City, has partnered with the Ikon Pass. Guests can visit Snowbasin with the Ikon Pass and Ikon Base Plus Pass. Snowbasin is and will continue to be, 100% independently-owned and operated. 

Passes Days at Snowbasin
Ikon Pass 7
Ikon Base Plus 5
Ikon Base 0

*The Ikon Base Pass and Ikon Session Pass is not valid at Snowbasin Resort. However, a Snowbasin Premier Platinum Pass is available with unlimited Snowbasin access that includes an add-on Ikon Base Pass to experience additional resorts.

For more information, visit IkonPass.com >>


Blackout dates apply to the Ikon Base Plus Pass
•December 26-31, 2023
•January 13-14, 2024
•February 17-19, 2024

For questions about eligibility, contact Ikon Pass Guest Services >>

Max Out Your Pass for Rewards

Use all available days on your Ikon Pass at Snowbasin an earn a holographic sticker to celebrate your accomplishment! For the 2022-23 season, our sticker was designed by a local artist and features our famous moose statue. 

Visit the Ticket Office at the Meadow Yurt to pick up your prize after skiing all seven days on an Ikon Pass, or five on an Ikon Base Plus Pass. 

If you are unable to visit us this winter, they'll also be available for pickup on weekends during our summer operation. 

[image description]
2023-24 Pass Comparison Premier Platinum Ikon Pass Ikon Base Plus

Access to Snowbasin



7 Days


5 Days


2023-24 Ikon Access

Base Full Base Plus

2023-24 Access at Sun Valley Resort

Friends & Family Discount Tickets

2023 Snowbasin Summer Gondola Access


Ski free at Snowbasin this spring with 2023-24 pass purchase


Snowbasin Resort Discounts (Tunes, Lessons, Rental)


Grand America Hotels & Resorts Lodging Discount


50% off tickets at The Mountain Collective



Salt Lake City Lodging Offer

Book your winter vacation at Snowbasin and save. As a member of Grand America Hotels and Resorts, Snowbasin is pleased to offer Ikon Pass Holders 30% off a two-night stay during the winter season at our partner properties in downtown Salt Lake City, just 40 miles from the resort.

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What benefits will Sun Valley and Snowbasin season pass holders receive at Ikon Pass destinations? 

Sun Valley Challenger Platinum Pass Holders and Snowbasin Premier Platinum Pass Holders will receive an Ikon Base Pass. The Ikon Base Pass offers access to 50 worldwide destinations. 

For information on the Ikon Base Pass, please visit: www.Ikonpass.com

What benefits will Ikon Pass holders receive at Sun Valley and Snowbasin? 

  • Ikon Pass and Ikon Base Pass Plus will receive access to Sun Valley and Snowbasin.
  • Ikon Pass holders will receive up to seven days of unrestricted access at both Sun Valley and Snowbasin and 10 Friends & Family discounts of 25 percent off day window tickets at both resorts.
  • Ikon Base Plus Pass holders will receive up to five days with holiday blackout days at both Sun Valley and Snowbasin and 8 Friends & Family discount of 25 percent off day window tickets at both resorts. 
  • For both Ikon Pass and Ikon Base Plus Pass holders, once they have used their seven and five days at Sun Valley and Snowbasin there is no discount on lift tickets for additional visits. 
  • Ikon Base Pass holders will not receive access to Sun Valley or Snowbasin.

Where can I see what resorts are on the Ikon Pass or make a purchase?

Visit www.Ikonpass.com for passes and information.

With the purchase of a Sun Valley Challenger Platinum Pass or the Snowbasin Premier Platinum Pass, pass holders receive an Ikon Base Pass.

Will Sun Valley and Snowbasin accept Ikon Pass Friends & Family discounts? 

Yes – Sun Valley and Snowbasin will accept the 25% off Friends & Family vouchers issued by Ikon Pass and redeemed at www.ikonpass.com prior to your arrival at either resort.