5 Reasons to Take Up Skiing or Riding this Season


5 Reasons to Take Up Skiing or Riding this Season

To our friends who have yet to adopt a winter sport into their life: hear us out. We think it's time for you to change your life and take up skiing or snowboarding. The conditions are world-class. The access to the terrain is unmatched. The mountains are an ever-evolving playground. And a big, beautiful community is waiting to welcome you into the fold. Need more convincing? Let us lay out our top 5 reasons to take up skiing or riding at Snowbasin Resort this season. 

#1: No More FOMO

In years past, you’ve had to watch through a screen, as your friends fill up your social media timeline with pictures and videos of their days on the mountain. For those who know and love the magic of a perfect powder day, there’s only one place to be on the weekend. With so much beauty and adventure waiting on the slopes, it’s hard not to share those experiences far and wide. This year, don’t get hit with FOMO. There’s so much life to be lived out here on the mountains, and incredible people to share these experiences with. When you take up skiing or riding, you can finally forget about missing out. 

#2: Historic Seasons Come in Twos

The snowfall of last season hit epic heights. Here at Snowbasin, not only did we experience our longest ski season ever, we also broke our previous total snowfall record—ending the year at a whopping 613 inches! But newsworthy powder days are not just a thing of the past. According to early predictions from the Farmer’s Almanac, another incredible season of snow is on its way. 

Our (unofficial) theory? Historic seasons surely come in twos. Case in point: over the course of the 2016-2017 season, we came close to breaking our previously set snowfall record, ending the year at 458 inches of snowfall. The following year, we nearly matched that performance, with 435 inches recorded. So, after last year’s history-making season, we’re all geared up for an equally powder-packed year in 2023-2024. 

#3: Getting Started has Never Been Easier

Listen, we totally understand that there are barriers to learning to ski or snowboard. That’s why we’re so proud to offer our award-winning Learn & Earn program. Learn & Earn seeks to break down the barriers most folks face when looking to learn how to ski or ride. First, it’s affordable. The program offers an 80% discount by bundling a season pass, rentals, and three super hands-on group lessons into one fun package. Plus, when you participate in the second year of the program, not only will you receive the same benefits of year one, but you will also keep your gear at the end of the season, which becomes a huge investment in your new passion. Through beginner-friendly lessons, you can feel comfortable to develop a new skill in a safe and fun environment. And, as you’ll be learning alongside a group of like-minded folks, you’ll also get to dive into a new community, building relationships along with your new skills. 

#4: Bye-bye Wintertime Blues

When the days are shorter and the temps are low, getting the wintertime blues may seem inevitable. One remedy? Getting outside and enjoying the beautiful aftermath of the storm by grabbing some buddies and getting your body moving on the slopes. Don’t fight the season! Lean into the benefits of being surrounded by some of the best mountain terrain in the world. Plus, some of the best views are only accessible via skiing or snowboarding. So let’s get out there and celebrate what makes wintertime in Utah magical. 

#5: The Future of Snowbasin is Here

This season there is more to explore at Snowbasin than ever before. With one of the largest investments in the resort since the 2002 Winter Olympics, the upcoming 2023-2024 season will debut the new DeMoisy Express six-person lift, which will double the uphill capacity for the Strawberry area of the mountain, alongside a new patio area around the northwest portion of Strawberry Lodge that will feature a heated cobblestone patio with over 180 seats and multiple dining options. Here at Snowbasin, we’re known for, among other things, convenience and beautiful bathroom breaks. This season, we’re bringing our guests more of both, unveiling expanded parking areas and more of our award-winning restrooms. 

As a family-owned resort, Snowbasin is always looking to center and improve the guest experience, which includes going out of our way to make the experiences of first-timers and continuing learners extra special. It’s part of the reason why Learn & Earn program participants can feel right at home right away—we’re here to take care of the not-so-user-friendly barriers to getting involved in winter sports, everything from cost to guidance and instruction. It’s also why the program is so well-loved for first-timers of all ages and fills up before each season starts. Limited spots for the 2023-2024 season are available, but not for long! Sign up today and don’t miss out on your opportunity to snag this unbeatable deal.