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Snowbasin Resort’s greatest assets are its employees. Could this be you? At Snowbasin, we are determined to meet and exceed our guests’ expectations. To do this we seek highly energetic, friendly and honest people to be a part of this already great team. You will be working at one of the most beautiful resorts in the country!

Thank you for your interest in Snowbasin Resort! We are hopeful to continue our summer operations as planned, and will continue to monitor the situation and plan accordingly. We may have a limited number of openings and will post all jobs to this page if there are any available. During this time we hope you are able to make time for yourself, your loved ones, and continue to maintain your health and wellness. Our trails are open and we encourage you to take the opportunity to enjoy them.

Employment with Snowbasin is fun, rewarding, and centered around a passion for the outdoors. Work where you play with skiing and lift riding perks for all positions and passes for friends or family. Enjoy discounts on food and beverage, retail, snow sports, and mountain biking!  

There is always room for growth for those employees that possess a strong desire to exceed our guests' expectations through understanding and sharing.

View the General Requirements and Employee Benefits sections below to learn more.

Snowbasin Resort does not work with H2B visas.

  • General Requirements & Information

  • Employment opportunities here have never been better! As we continue to improve our resort, many more job opportunities are becoming available. Now more then ever, you can come to work where you play!

    Snowbasin is an Equal Opportunity Employer and promotes a drug-free and smoke-free workplace. Our commitment to quality and excellence is translated through our employees.
    Federal law requires new employees to provide documentation to prove identity and eligibility for employment. Our application process is now paperless! Fill out the online application for your desired position. Email our People and Culture department with any questions at hr@snowbasin.com

    Notes: No person will be employed without required documentation. Upon departure, employees are responsible for the immediate return of all Snowbasin-issued ID’s, uniforms, keys and equipment.

    Grooming and Conduct - Your appearance and conduct leaves a lasting impression on guests. All employees have a responsibility to be professional, courteous, respectful and friendly. All employees are expected to be neatly groomed at all times. Those with jobs that do not require a Snowbasin issued uniform must keep their attire modest, well kept and non-interfering with job duties.

    Employees Must:

    1. Be willing to perform duties as assigned and accept changes in work schedule, tasks and location as necessary.
    2. Be aware that many positions are physically demanding and may require lifting, bending, standing, kneeling and shoveling. For safety reasons, physical tests may be required for some positions (ask for details).
    3. Be aware that scheduled work days may fall on any day during the week including holidays.
    4. Consent to a random drug test. All positions require a post-offer drug test prior to employment (ask for details).

    How to Apply:

    1. Complete the online application for the position(s) that you are qualified for, or are interested in (incomplete applications will not be considered)
    2. Provide physical, drug testing and background consent if requested.
    3. Complete a W-4 and I-9 form.
    4. Present an original social security card or certified copy of birth certificate (with seal), and a driver’s license with photo, voter’s registration card or a state or school ID card with a photo, or produce a U.S. passport which meets all requirements.
    5. Non-U.S. citizens must also produce employment eligibility documents and verify/identify:
      • Valid Alien Registration Card.
      • Unexpired foreign passport with current employment authorization.
      • Valid J-1 or F-1 Visa

    General Requirements

    Male Employees - Hair must be clean and tapered at top of dress-collar length. Shoulder length is not allowed. Neatly groomed mustaches may be worn. Beards and extended sideburns are prohibited. Earrings are not to be worn while on duty.

    Female Employees - Hair styles must be clean and not interfere with job duties. Inappropriate examples include unnatural color or disproportionate cut. Earrings and jewelry must be modest and not interfere with job duties. For safety and health reasons, no open-toe shoes are allowed. Cosmetics should be consistent with a natural appearance.

    Uniforms - Uniforms will be issued for most jobs. Maintenance is provided free to employees.

    Housing - Employee housing is not available at Snowbasin. The nearest housing would be in Ogden (17 miles West) or in the Huntsville area (10 miles North).

    Experience, Work Schedule, Overtime and Bonus - Experience is not required for most of our service and general positions. All positions typically require flexibility and weekend/holiday hours. Schedule fluctuates with business and weather demands. Full-time positions average 32-40 hours per week. Overtime is paid after 56 hours per work week.

  • Employee Benefits

  • Lift Tickets - Lift tickets are available for friends and family based on employee status and length of employment.

    Season Pass - All employees are eligible for a Snowbasin Resort Season Pass!

    Food - 65% off food while on duty.

    Life/Health/Dental Insurance - Comprehensive coverage eligibility requires that employees work full time (at least 32 hours) per week continuously for 60 days.

    Sick Time - Eligibility after six months continuous full-time employment.

    Vacation Time - Eligibility after one year continuous full-time employment.

    Uniforms - Uniforms will be issued for some jobs.

    Other Discounts - At all lodges and retail shop.