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Due to safety concerns and misuse of the uphill travel policy, Snowbasin is suspending uphill travel until further notice. Uphill travel is one of the great free benefits we offer our guests at Snowbasin and historically, Snowbasin’s Leadership Team has been supportive of offering this great experience to our guests. Unfortunately, guests have recently decided to abuse this privilege and it has become a safety concern for guests and employees. Recently, guests have taken advantage of the program by ignoring designated routes, staying on-mountain longer than the policy allows, being verbally abusive to staff, and on December 9th we had two guests blatantly ski pass our winch cat signs. The rules around these snowcats are well-known in the industry and these guests put themselves in great physical jeopardy by ignoring signage that is very visible, including flashing winch cat lights. 


Effective Dec 10th uphill travel is suspended until further notice and Snowbasin will not put the safety of guests or our staff in jeopardy. As General Manager, I encourage this group to form, gather emails and create a system for ongoing communication with the resort.  We don’t have a great means of communicating or tracking who you are because this uphill privilege is free and not ticketed.  Again, the resort wants to keep this experience going but we demand better from those taking part.  You should demand more from each other too as the few are making it challenging for the many. We will reevaluate the uphill policy later this week and reinstate uphill travel when we deem it appropriate.   The safety of our guests and staff will always be our first priority at Snowbasin.  



Davy Ratchford

Snowbasin, General Manager




Get outta bed! It’s time to shred. Expect SNOW in the forecast with decreasing temperatures in the teens throughout the day and blustery winds out of the south. So bundle up and don’t forget your storm goggles!

The mountain is prepped and ready for your Wednesday morning cruising session! Today, we have 8 lifts spinning leading you to 64 open trails of which 21 are groomed.

Looking forward to the weekend, we’ve got our tap takeover, Santa hitting the slopes and free live music in the Cinnabar Friday - Sunday! Check out our events page for more details!

One of the best ways to get to the mountain starts THIS SATURDAY — the ski bus! We have routes from both Weber and Ogden sides. ALL SEASON PASS HOLDERS CAN GET A BUS PASS FOR JUST $10 at the activities desk in Earl’s Lodge. 


Come on up and enjoy the NEW SNOW! 



Please Note:

*With our limited terrain please be mindful and respect slow zones, ski and ride in control and be aware of other guests. We have a long winter ahead of us and want all our guests to be able to enjoy the whole season. 

*Please check our uphill status on the website and/or sign up for text alerts by texting UPHILL to 42427.

*Snowbasin does not allow any overnight camping on the premise. If you are interested in camping please look at campgrounds in the Huntsville/Eden area. THANK YOU!


Updated at Wednesday, December 12, 2018 1:48 PM

weather conditions

Mid Mtn16°
Wind4-11 mph 
See Policy
  • Sign up for uphill status alerts by texting UPHILL to 42427.
  • When traveling uphill, please stay in the middle of the trail.
  • All uphill travelers must be equipped with lights, front and back when traveling in the dark.
  • Only stop where you can be seen from above and below.
  • No dogs are allowed on the mountain.
Overnight Total:0"
Past 24 hrs:0"
Past 48 hrs:0"
Storm Total:0"
Current Base:39"
Season Total:83"

*Overnight total reflects the amount of snow that fell between 4:00pm and 4:00 am. 24 hour total reflects the amount of snow that fell between 4:00 am yesterday and 4:00 am today. For real time snow totals, please see the Snow Stake Web Cam

Top 9,233'Good
Bottom 6,860'Good


  • Strawberry Express

    9:00 am - 3:30 pm |closed

  • Becker

    9:00 am - 4:00 pm |closed

  • Littlecat Express

    9:00 am - 4:00 pm |open

  • Middle Bowl

    9:00 am - 3:45 pm |open

  • Needles Express

    9:00am - 4:00pm |open

  • Wildcat Express

    9:00 am - 4:00 pm |open

  • Wildflower Carpet

    9:00 am - 3:00 pm |open

  • Grizzly Carpet

    9:00 am - 3:00 pm |open

  • Porcupine

    9:00 am - 3:30 pm |open

  • Allen Peak Tram

    9:00 am - 3:30 pm |closed

  • John Paul Express

    9:00 am - 4:00 pm |open

trail report

Strawberry ( : Groomed,  : Snowmaking in Effect)

  •   Bear Springs
  •   Coyote Bowl
  •   Elk Ridge
  •   Gordon's
  •   Last Chance
  •   Main Street
  •   Trappers Trail
  •   Wolverine
  •   Sister's Bowl
  •   White Lightning
  •   Moonshine Bowl
  •   Gun Tower
  •   Twist & Shout
  •   White Room
  •   Sow Back
  •   Strawberry Fields
  •   The Walrus
  •   The Diamond
  •   Sun King
  •   Lone Tree
  •   Carnahan's
  •   WFO
  •   Gordon's Gully
  •   Hohmann's
Needles ( : Groomed,  : Snowmaking in Effect)

  •   Strawberry Traverse
  •   Porcupine Traverse
  •   Dan's Run
  •   Moose Mound
  •   Sweet Revenge
  •   Pineview
  •   Rocky J
  •   Bullwinkle
  •   Boardwalk
  •   Herbert's
  •   Beaver Slide
  •   Ease-a-long
  •   Bear Hollow
  •   School Hill
  •   Snow Shoe
  •   Stein's
  •   Becker Face
  •   Two Bit Street
  •   119
  •   Pfeiffalina
  •   Sunshine Bowl
  •   Willow
  •   Slo Road
  •   Dwayne's
  •   The Wallow
  •   Penny Lane
  •   Pork Barrel
  •   Cirque
  •   Grizz
  •   25th St.
  •   Wildcat Bowl
  •   Women's GS
  •   Wildcat Ridge
  •   Centennial
  •   Bash
  •   3 Skis
  •   Becks
  •   Sunny Side
  •   Wildcat Traverse
  •   Philpot Ridge
  •   City Hill
  •   Showboat
  •   Powder Puff
  •   Fro Zone
  •   Lo Fro Zone
  •   Orson's
  •   Harold's
Porcupine ( : Groomed,  : Snowmaking in Effect)

  •   Porky Face
  •   Needles
  •   Blue Grouse
  •   Waterfall
  •   The Flank
  •   Rainer's Run
  •   Surprise
  •   Powderhound Bowl
  •   Middle Bowl Traverse
John Paul ( : Groomed,  : Snowmaking in Effect)

  •   Mt. Ogden Bowl Road
  •   Grizzly Downhill
  •   Wildflower Downhill
  •   Hollywood
  •   FTS
  •   Grizzly Start
  •   Wildflower Start
  •   Easter Bowl
  •   Shooting Star
  •   Snow King
  •   The Burn
  •   Ellison's
  •   Deane's
  •   Janis'
  •   Wildflower Finish
  •   John Paul Face
  •   Lower Pyramid
  •   Parson's
  •   No Name
  •   The Jungle
  •   Grizzly Finish
  •   Roy's

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