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Congratulations on participating in Year 1 of the Learn & Earn Program! You have qualified for Year 2 - Learn, Earn & Return, which allows you to continue building your skills and OWN your equipment. Purchase Year 2 of the Learn & Earn program and keep your gear! No need to bring it back up to the resort. This offer is exclusively available for guests who completed 2-3 lessons during 2019-20 Learn & Earn Year 1. A deadline will be announced at a later date. 

Year 2 of the Learn & Earn Program includes:

  • 3 Lessons
  • Seasonal Rental Package to Own
  • Season Pass for Summer 2020 and Winter 20-21

The season pass will be active starting opening day of the 2020-21 winter season, with no blackout dates. Practice your skills on your very own skis or snowboard all season long!


Year 2 - Learn, Earn & Return Price
Adult (Ages 13+) $799
Youth (Ages 7-12) $699
Dino (Ages 4-6) $699


Payment Plan

Ease into your second season on the snow with 2 payments! First payment down and second payment automatically charged to your card on August 1st, with no additional fees or credit check required.

Don't miss out on significant savings of over $1,000!

Keep or Return Your Gear

Sign up for Learn, Earn and Return and KEEP your gear! Exclusively for guests who completed 2-3 lessons of 2019-20 Learn & Earn.
Guests who completed 1 lesson during 2019-20 Learn & Earn may sign up for Learn and Earn again next season. If purchasing, please call 801-620-1015 to discuss your gear.

Keep Your Gear

  • All gear is sold as-is.
  • We will need the bar code numbers from your equipment, so please do not remove bar code stickers until after purchase.
  • Any changes in gear must be made at Snowbasin Resort. For children only, we will exchange gear ONE TIME before for a size bigger. Exchange when the Grizzly Center opens, which will be announced a a later time. We cannot guarantee gear availability at a later date.
  • Guests who did not get issued gear to participate in the program may be issued gear now. However, the decision to take or decline gear must be made at the time of purchase.

Return Your Gear

  • Learn & Earn 19-20 guests who are not participating in Year 1 or 2 must return their equipment to the Grizzly Center by June 30, 2020. 
  • The Grizzly Center will be open in May and June on Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 am - 3:00 pm. Curbside drop off will be available and a limited amount of guests will be allowed in the building at a time.
  • There is no price adjustment on Learn, Earn and Return for guests who do not want to keep their gear.

Additional Information

  • Completing all 3 lessons in Year 2 of the Learn & Earn Program grants you access to great deals available in the final year of the program, Learn & Earn Graduates!
  • Only those who complete all 3 lessons of 2019-20 Year 1 - Learn & Earn are eligible for Year 2 - Learn, Earn & Return. Only participants of Year 2 are eligible for Year 3 - Learn Earn & Graduate.
  • All three lessons in Year 2 must be completed in one season to be eligible for Year 3.
  • Season pass valid for the 2020 summer season and 2020-21 winter season. No blackout dates. No premier pass perks.
  • Season passes are non-transferable and non-refundable.

For more information about the Learn & Earn Program, please call 801-620-1000.
Any information shown above may be modified at Snowbasin Resort’s discretion.

Learn & Earn 19-20 Participants Curious About Winter Being Cut Short

Due to the winter season's early closure, we are allowing participants who did not complete Year 1 or Year 2 of the program, sign up again for 20-21!

Year 2 - Learn, Earn & Return
Guests who completed one lesson during the 2019-20 season may purchase Year 1 - Learn & Earn 20-21. Guests who completed 2 or all 3 lessons, may purchase Year 2 - Learn, Earn & Return 20-21.

Year 3 - Learn & Return Graduate
Guests may purchase Learn & Earn Graduate 20-21 even if they did not complete all 3 lessons in Learn, Earn & Return 19-20.

Please call 801-620-1000 if you have any questions.