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Congratulations on participating in Year 2 of the Learn & Earn Program and your second year in snow sports! You have qualified for the final year of the program, Learn & Earn Graduates! This exclusive offer allows you to continue building your skills and get a premier season pass for a great deal. Only available for guests who participated in the 2019-20 Learn, Earn & Return program.

Year 3 of the Learn & Earn Program includes:

  • One All-day Private Lesson for Adults
  • One 3-hour Private Lesson for Youth
  • Season Pass for Summer 2020 and Winter 20-21

The season pass will be active starting opening day of the 2020-21 winter season, with no blackout dates. Practice your skills all season long as you find yourself becoming a snow sports enthusiast!

Year 3 - Learn & Earn Graduate Price
Adult (Ages 13+) $799
Youth (Ages 7-12) $499

Contact Us To Book Now: info@snowbasin.com | 801-620-1000 

Payment Plan

Ease into your second season on the snow with 2 payments! First payment down and second payment automatically charged to your card on August 1st, with no additional fees or credit check required.

Additional Information

  • Only those who complete all 3 lessons of 2019-20 Year 2 - Learn, Earn & Return are eligible for Year 3 - Learn & Earn Graduates.
  • All three lessons in Year 2 must be completed in one season to be eligible for Year 3.
  • Season pass valid for the 2020 summer season and 2020-21 winter season. No blackout dates. No premier pass perks.
  • Season passes are non-transferable and non-refundable.

For more information about the Learn & Earn Program, please call 801-620-1000.
Any information shown above may be modified at Snowbasin Resort’s discretion.

Learn & Earn 19-20 Participants

Due to the winter season's early closure, we are allowing participants who did not complete Year 1 or Year 2 of the program, sign up again for 20-21!

Year 2 - Learn, Earn & Return
Guests who completed one lesson during the 2019-20 season may purchase Year 1 - Learn & Earn 20-21. Guests who completed 2 or all 3 lessons, may purchase Year 2 - Learn, Earn & Return 20-21.

Year 3 - Learn & Return Graduate
Guests may purchase Learn & Earn Graduate 20-21 even if they did not complete all 3 lessons in Learn, Earn & Return 19-20.

Please email info@snowbasin.com if you have any questions.