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SnowWiesn Sunday 2

Sun Sep 19 2021


The free SnowWiesn fall festival encompasses activities, entertainment, and food from the Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. SnowWiesn will be held in the base area Sunday, September 19th, 26th, and October 3rd from 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm. 


A traditional stein holding competition takes place each Sunday at 2:30pm on the concert stage. Compete for a chance to win prizes and winter lift tickets!
•$40 entry includes 24oz glass mug with beer, t-shirt and coaster.
•$30 entry if you have already purchased a mug, includes beer refill, t-shirt and coaster. 


Compete with your friends to drive a nail into a large tree stump. Free to participate with a signed waiver.


Cornhole & Badmitton
Join us in the Wildflower Meadow with complementary Cornhole and Badmitton available to play with your friends!


2021 Collectible Beer Stein:
24oz refillable beer steins are available for purchase, presented by Rooster's Brewing. Mugs from Summer 2021 can we refilled at any Blues, Brews & BBQ or SnowWiesn events in the year 2021. 


Vendor Village
Sinclair : Stop by the Dino near the entrance to grab a photo and talk to the Sinclair represenatives. 
Petra's Backstubchen: Offering baking goods from the Old Country including cookies, streudels, specialty cheesecakes, and more.
Roman Grey Co. : Stop by Roman Grey Co. to check out hand crafted home décor including seasonal candles, kids stuffies, crystal bowls, wax melts and more.


Music Line-Up presented by Mountain Town Music
•12:00 pm - 2:00 pm: Freddie Schnicklfritz
•2:30 pm - 4:30 pm: Mothers of Mayhem 



About the Bands: 
Freddie Schnicklfritz Band
Polkas….Waltzes… you name it. This authentic Utah German band comes in a variety of different instrumentations and sizes.


Mothers of Mayhem 
Have you ever seen four women in vintage dresses and heels cranking out hits from bands like Metallica, Led Zeppelin, and Nirvana? After you see the Mothers of Mayhem play, they will be all you can talk about. Whether you are out with your family or partying with your friends you will be blown away by their talent, energy, and professionalism. Mothers of Mayhem are sure to change your perceptions about the music scene and motherhood. In the two short years that Mothers of Mayhem have been together, they have performed in front of thousands, at impressive venues such as the Dejoria Center, Utah Arts Festival, The Wave, and the Ogden Valley Balloon Festival. They have also appeared on Fox13, and have been interviewed for newspaper articles, podcasts, and more.



Bavarian Themed Food Offerings

Grill Station

Slopeside A

Slopeside B