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Porcupine Downhill Trail and Middle Trail are closed Saturday, August 28 to the public due to 29029. 29029 will also be utilizing the Summer Road towards the top of the mountain. We ask all public guests bikers and hikers to share the one side of the summer road, so the other side is open for 29029 participants. If you are a biker utilizing the summer road to access our other mountain biking trails, we strongly recommend walking your bike down this conjested area.

Earl's Slopeside Dining will be open to the public and spectators for lunch service 11:00 am - 3:00 pm both Friday and Saturday.

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29029 is a new category of an endurance event that is designed to be You vs. You. Join us for a challenge that will test your mental and physical limits while redefining what you believed to be possible.

Limited to 250 participants, the purpose of this weekend experience is to ascend the mountain until you reach the vertical height of Mt. Everest, 29029 feet. We rent a private mountain and set up a luxury basecamp with glamping tents, and a curated food and beverage program to ensure you have everything you need to take on the challenge.

Set in the scenic Wasatch mountains, you will have 36 hours to ascend the mountain to reach your goal. Uniquely, you climb up and take the gondola down. And repeat 13 times.  This event is possible for anyone willing to commit to find out what’s inside of them.

Your ticket includes all-inclusive access to daily training programs, elite coaching,  entry into our exclusive community, and your full weekend experience.

Our mission is to create a community of individuals connected through shared experiences. You will return home from 29029 a different version of yourself with an amazing story to tell.  Come and climb with us.

29029 has enjoyed the Snowbasin venue so much that they are doing two weekends of events in August.