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Snowbasin Resort is proud to create a new safety initiative known as SAFERmtn Team. It's our mountain and our community. A safe mountain takes a team and involves both employees and guests. Join our team and help keep the mountain safe and fun for everyone. Talk to an employee about how you can help! 

We will be rolling out this new initiative in conjunction with NSSA Safety Month.

SAFER is an acronym and easy to remember.

SMART - Make Safety Conscious Decisions. 

ALERT - Be aware of their surroundings and conditions.

FOCUSED -  Don't be distracted or preoccupied when on the mountain. 

EDUCATED -  Understand their abilities, responsibilities, and associated risks. 

RESPECTFUL -  Recreate together in a safe and friendly manner. 

Know the code. It is your responsibility. 
1. Stay in control.
2. People ahead of you have the right away. 
3. Stop in a safe place for you and others.
4. When starting downhill or merging, look uphill and yield. 
5. Use devices to help prevent runaway equipment.
6. Observe signs and warnings, keep off closed trails.
7. Know how to use the lifts safely. 

Guests safety is very important to us! Please help us build a SAFER mountain community. Play it Smart, Alert, Focused, Educated and Respectful. 


NSAA Safety Month Happenings:

January 6-7: Ski Patrol and Guest Services will be out on the Plaza and at the top of Needles Gondola to talk about SAFERmtn 


January 13-14: Ski Patrol and Guest Services will be on the mountain awarding safe behavior with SAFERmtn Appreciation cards. Get caught being safe and receive a free hot cocoa voucher.  In addition, this weekend we kicked off our #safermtn social media contest. Guests are encouraged to take pictures of being safe while enjoying the mountain and use the #safermtn for a chance to win cool prizes.  

January 20-21: Ski Patrol and Guest Services were out on the mountain rewarding guests for safe practices. When rewarded you get a free hot cocoa voucher. We are continuing the #safermtn social media contest this weekend as well. 

January 27-28: There was a beacon park to test your skills and there was a Ski Patrol Fireside Chat.  The beacon park was located in the base area and ran both Saturday and Sunday with a safety booth. The Ski Patrol hosted a Fireside chat on Saturday at 2:30 pm where they spoke about 



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