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Child Care Services are available through High Altitude Kids in Eden, Utah. For more information on child care services, please call (801) 745-2653 or visit www.hakutah.com. On-site child care is not currently available at Snowbasin Resort.

Ski season is just around the corner. High Altitude Kids, located in Eden, Utah will be offering weekday and weekend child care for parents who want to ski. Enjoy a day of skiing while your child participates in a variety of fun activities and enjoys time in our tumbling facility! We are currently offering a 10 punch pass sale for children 2 years and older. $280 for 10 half days of childcare during the ski season. $400 for 10 full days of child care. These punch passes make amazing Christmas presents! Offer expires November 30, 2017. Children currently enrolled at High Altitude Kids receive an even better discount. Care also available for infants and toddlers. For more information please contact us at 801-745-2653 or visit our website at www.hakutah.com.