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Uphill Update

Mon Dec 28 2020

As we are approaching the first full moon uphill, we want to provide some friendly reminders. As we have stated in the full policy, we allow uphill on GREEN days from 4:00am - 8:30am and during Full Moon Nights. These green times are fully dependent on weather and operational needs. On December 29th we plan to allow uphill for the full moon and it will go green after our Ski Patrol finishes sweeps around 5pm. 

Please note we are hosting a wedding in Earl's Lodge and the building will be closed to the public. There are no resort facilities open during uphill hours.

New, there will be one A-frame in the base area at the base of Needles Express - highlighting the routes and the rules. There will be business cards attached, feel free to grab one or a few, so you can share the information with others.

  • Remember that all participants in your group need to have LIGHTS ON at ALL TIMES, including the DESCENT and even when it is light out. Headlamp (white) in the front and red flashing in the back. (Leaving it in your car is NO excuse!)
  • Participants need to be in the CENTER of the run while going up. We realize this may be a weird concept. However, our mountain operations team uses the sides of the slopes to access the mountains on snowmobiles, so being in the middle will allow them to safely travel while working. 
  • Just like the Skier Code of Conduct, if you stop, do so in a VISIBLE area, NOT at the top of the steep pitches. Our mountain operations team can't see you until they crest the hill, which creates a huge safety hazard if you are stopped right there. 
  • If you see machinery, stay away from it. 
  • If you are getting ready in the base area and see machinery heading your way, please be courteous and wait until they turn around to head up the mountain, and swiftly put your gear on and get on your way. 
  • Please park in Earl's parking lot and access the trails through Earl's Plaza. This is for the safety of our guests and employees. There is no entrance behind Earl's Lodge by the base of Littlecat Express. 
  • Reflective/Bright clothing is encouraged. 

Our team will be looking into ways to get better signage on the routes in the near future, so stay tuned. The front desk at the mountain operations building has uphill business cards and most of our mountain ops team will have them as well. As we get more printed we will make them more accessible in other places and update you, where you can access them. We appreciate you doing your part, as we want to continue to support this growing community. 


Full Uphill Policy