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Join the nationally ranked introductory program to learn to ski or ride and become a snow sports enthusiast!

The Learn & Earn program is a nationally ranked program that is a 3-year program designed to take never-ever skiers and snowboarders and teach them how to enjoy snow sports in a fun environment, with deals and specials to continue improving their skills over 3 years.

Learn & Earn

This is where you start if you’re brand new to the world of snow sports! Year 1 Learn & Earn includes 3 all-day lessons, a seasonal rental package and a season pass upon completion of your lessons.

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Learn, Earn & Return

The year 2 program is exclusively for those who completed all 3 lessons of Learn & Earn year 1 and earned their season pass. Learn, Earn & Return includes a season pass, 3 more all-day lessons, and you get to own your equipment package!

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Learn & Earn Graduate

The 3rd year of the Learn & Earn program offers a premier season pass with all the perks and no blackout dates and an all-day private lesson for a great deal. You are now a Learn & Earn Grad and hopefully a life long snow sports enthusiast!

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