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Building confidence is our lesson plan.

Snowbasin Resort's unique approach to teaching makes learning to ski or snowboard easier and more fun. Our specially trained snow grooming crew excels at building features to facilitate the learning process.  Our special features along with highly trained instructors make learning to ski or snowboard quicker, safer and more fun!​

Learn & Earn

The Learn & Earn program is a 3-year program designed to take never-ever skiers and snowboarders and teach them how to enjoy snow sports in a fun environment, with deals and specials to continue improving their skills over 3 years.

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New to Snow Guide

If it is your first time on skis or a snowboard, you've come to the right place! Below is a guide for your first time in a snow sports lesson.


  • What to Wear

  • What should I wear?
    Layered clothing

    Layering clothing allows you to remain comfortable all day as you learn to ski. Start with a base layer of thermal underwear (shirt and leggings) which wicks moisture (sweat) away from the skin, keeping you dry and warm. Avoid a cotton base layer, as cotton soaks up moisture and holds it. On top of your thermal base layer, you may want a fleece layer for insulation. This mid-layer should be loose enough to trap air between layers, but not so bulky that it restricts movement. Finally, a waterproof exterior layer (shell pants and jacket) will ensure staying dry and comfortable all day. If you often get cold or it is a particularly chilly day, adding an additional fleece or thermal layer is a good idea. You can always take a layer off!


    Eye protection is necessary while on the mountain, due to direct sun and reflective glare, flat light, wind and snow that your eyes should not be subject to. Goggles are better than sunglasses for snow sports as they protect from the wind coming in the sides and will keep you warmer. They make goggles that go over eye glasses and fit a variety of face shapes and sizes. Stop into the Grizzly Center retail shop and ask for help finding the perfect pair for you.


    Helmets are highly recommended. The Grizzly Center rental shop rents helmets for just $10 a day.


    Wear one pair of thin or medium thickness socks. Multiple pairs or big thick socks will wrinkle and be very uncomfortable in your boots. The socks should fit well, with no extra material hanging off your foot. Make sure your socks are dry before you put on your boots.


    Waterproof and warm gloves are necessary for a fun day on the slopes. Select gloves or mittens that are made for freezing temps and are water resistant. Gloves offer more dexterity while mittens are generally warmer.


    Even if you rarely burn, or if it is not a sunny day, sunscreen while skiing is highly recommended. The sun’s rays are amplified by their reflection off of the white snow. Bring along sunscreen and lip protection to reapply throughout the day and wear goggles to protect your eyes. The Grizzly Center Retail Shop, located in the Grizzly Center in the entrance closest to the Needles Gondola carries a wide variety of everything you will need for a great day on the slope. Stop by and let our friendly staff outfit you head to toe!

  • Where to Go

  • First Day Guide
    • Purchase your First Time Lesson online in advance. On the day of your lesson, plan on arriving at Snowbasin Resort an hour prior to your lesson to give yourself enough time to check into the Snow Sports desk at least 45 minutes prior to lesson time. Youth lessons begin at 9:30am and adult lessons begin at 10:00am.
    • There is plenty of free parking at Snowbasin Resort. Upon arriving, you will be guided to the closest available parking spot by our staff. Head to the convenient shuttle that picks up at the entrance/exit of each parking lot at the “Shuttle Stop” sign. The shuttle will drop you off at Earl’s Plaza.
    • After getting off the shuttle, you will see two buildings, Earl’s Lodge and the Grizzly Center. The building on the right (when you are looking at the mountain) is the Grizzly Center, where the Retail Shop, Rental Shop and Learning Center are located. Enter the Snow Sports Learning Center through the doors on the right side of the Grizzly Center, next to the Meadow where you will see the level flags for lessons. Head to the “Fast Track Check-in” desk in the Learning Center.
    • After checking in, you will receive a lift ticket, lesson voucher and rental form. Adults will be directed to the “Fast-Track Rentals” area, youth 4-6 will proceed to the Dino Mite room and Youth 7-12 will proceed to the Raptor Check-in area where your equipment will be waiting for you. Our friendly staff will get you the equipment you need and assist you in putting on your boots and showing you how to carry your equipment.
    • You will meet your instructor in the Meadow outside the front doors of the Learning Center at the orange “First-Time Lessons” flag. You will be in your lesson until 3:00pm. Adult lessons will have a break for lunch, which can be purchased in any of our three lodges. Youth lessons include a lunch, which will be served in the Learning Center around 12:00pm. The First Time Lesson will usually start in the Meadow area and may go up the Littlecat Express Lift to the Grizzly Magic Carpet.
    • Your beginner lift ticket can also be used as a foot passenger ticket for the Needles Gondola and John Paul Quad. If you would like to enjoy lunch at one of our on-mountain lodges or just go for a Gondola ride, simply leave your equipment at the base. You can exit the Gondola at the top to see Needles Lodge and enjoy lunch or stay on to ride it back down. The top of Needles Gondola has a paved path into the lodge, no special footwear is required. John Paul Chair requires non-slip footwear and you must get off the chairlift at the top (previous chairlift experience is required). From the John Paul Chair, you can also ride the Allen Peak Tram up to view the Olympic Downhill start.
  • What to Expect

  • Professional instruction is the fastest way to get real enjoyment out of the sport. Your instructor will teach you everything you need to know to start skiing or snowboarding. You will learn basic information about your equipment, putting it on and taking it off, how to carry it and how to walk in it. You will learn how to ride a lift up the hill, how to turn left and right and how to stop. You will also learn about trail signs and the Responsibility Code. Avoid the confusion and frustration of trying to teach yourself or having an unqualified friend or family member attempt to teach you and have a great first experience!

    For the average person, it usually takes three lessons to feel comfortable and be able to control your speed on intermediate terrain. Your first lesson helps you learn to keep your balance and get familiar with sliding while staying on your feet. The first lesson is mostly spent in the Meadow next to the Grizzly Center, and on the Grizzly Carpet at the top of the Littlecat Lift. A second lesson makes the transition to intermediate terrain and the third lesson gets you comfortable and confident on intermediate terrain. After these lessons, you will be hooked on your new lifelong sport! Practice your new skills on your own and return for another lesson once you are ready to progress to the next step.

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