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SnowWiesn Oktoberfest ft. The Pour
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For a truly memorable experience, Snowbasin is the perfect setting for your premier adventure program.  The spectacular Wasatch Mountains provides a stunning backdrop with the perfect natural setting for your special event.   With magnificent lodges, award-winning cuisine, exceptional personal service, rugged atmosphere, stunning views, and easy accessibility;  your unique event at Snowbasin will be unforgettable.  With Snowbasin’s track record hosting events like Spartan, 29029, Pursuit Series, Toyota Off-Road Expo and more, the opportunities are endless. Call our sales team today at 801-620-1075 or email catering@snowbasin.com to start planning your next adventure event.


“After the inaugural Pursuit event at Snowbasin in 2017, we were excited to return again two years later, the first time that a location was repeated for Pursuit.  Not only is the scenery incredibly stunning, the team at Snowbasin exceeds expectations in every way.  All requests, large or small, were met with a positive response and committed effort to deliver.  The staff was professional, friendly, and dedicated to our success.  After working with venues all around North America, I can sincerely proclaim Snowbasin as the best venue I have ever worked with and hope to return again soon!” Bart Davis, VP Event Operations, The Outbound’s Pursuit Series  

"In July 2019 Spartan switched venues and produced a race at Snowbasin for the first time. With new venues, we expect a degree of uncertainty and growing pains given the two parties getting to know each other. One a world-class ski resort and the other a leader in the endurance event industry. Spartan has experience working with ski areas and Snowbasin has experience working with endurance events, but no ski area is the same nor is an event quite like Spartan. While the initial planning and designing phases were postponed due to the large amount of snow this past winter, once the event was designed Snowbasin was nothing but accommodating. At Spartan, we asked for some assistance and lift from almost every department. Food and beverage were tapped for customer and staff meals. Snowmaking was contacted for help in heat mitigation. Mountain operations was invaluable for their help marking out the underground network of utilities so we didn’t damage anybody or anything. We worked with Parking and Transportation for assistance parking our 6,000 plus cars. IT helped us get set up with their network so we could get our systems online. Their Safety and Medical department was consulted for proper safety protocols while working on their mountain. This list could go on and on. Every department was an asset to our event. At the core. Snowbasin has an incredible foundation for a world-class event. A mountain with some of the best scenery and existing trails in the country. A staff that illustrates an incredible community. Day lodges that were way too nice for Spartan. Snowbasin easily trumps its neighbors in its capacity for events and logistical ease." Tyler Gobin, Race Director, Spartan

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