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Snowbasin 12 Hour Uphill

Sat Apr 17 2021


Test your endurance and your uphill skills in a 12-hour event. SSEF, Ogden Skimo, and Snowbasin have partnered to offer this inaugural event. Do it by yourself or gather a team of up to 4. There is a 12-hour event or a 6-hour event. 

This event consists of individuals and teams in two main categories, 12 Hours and 6 Hours.  The 12 Hour category includes Solo, Duo, and Quad person options; the 6 Hour event includes Solo and Duo team options. The goal is to achieve as many laps as possible in each category. Each lap is approximately 2,200 Vertical Feet in gain and 2.2 Miles.

For reference, 13 laps are approximately the same as summiting Mount Everest, 29,029 Feet! So, Pick Your Peak as a target and go for it!

Proceeds from this event will be used to further enhance and offer uphill access at Snowbasin Resort and to support the Snowbasin Sport Education Foundation, a 503(c) Non-Profit. 

Start Time(s)
12 Hour event starts at 7 am on April 17th from the Earl's Plaza
6 Hour event starts at 1 pm on April 17th from the Earl's Plaza
Both events end at 7 pm on April 17th at the Earl's 

12 hour

  • solo: $75
  • 2 Team: $120
  • 4 Team: $240

6 hour

  • solo: $50
  • 2 team: $80

Check-in will be on Earl's Plaza. 


Route: The route will be counter-clockwise beginning at Earl's plaza going up City Hill to Needles run to Porcupine traverse then up final Sweet revenge pitch with a turnaround location and checkpoint at Needles Lodge; the descent will go along Porcupine traverse then down Sweet Revenge/Bear Hollow/School Hill and finishing at the plaza where another checkpoint will be.



Aid Stations: There will be an aid station at the base and at the top with Ski Patrol available for emergency assistance.

Awards will be given for the top 3 in each of the following categories:
Solo - 1st, 2nd and 3rd
Duo - 1st, 2nd and 3rd
Quad - 1st 2nd and 3rd
Octo - 1st, 2nd and 3rd

Rules: You must check-in at both the top and bottom stations to have a lap counted. Teams can alternate registrants in any fashion they desire but must complete the laps consecutively, not simultaneously.

SWAG (Stuff We All Get): We have Atomic bringing SWAG and are soliciting additional vendors daily. 

Opportunity Drawing: An Opportunity Drawing will be available with prizes to be announced over the coming days.

Parking: Parking will be available in the Earls parking lots 

Lodging: Mountain Luxury has graciously offered a 20% discount on nearby lodging, just go to: https://www.mountainluxurylodging.com/all-vacation-rentals/ and use the following code: SBSKITEAM 

Participant responsibilities: Participants shall provide their own hydration, snacks/food, all equipment such as skis, skins etc.

Family/Friends/Support: Participants are welcome to have support through family, friends etc at the base to assist in refilling hydration, snacks/food, equipment maintenance etc. But, you must be registered for the event and signed appropriate waivers in order to proceed onto the hill/course.

Bathrooms: Bathrooms will be available at the bottom of Needles Lodge up top. 

Lodges: Lodges will not be open for use during this event



Thanks for registering for the inaugural "Pick Your Peak - 12 Hour uphill event", the first of its kind to be held at Snowbasin and presented by Snowbasin Ski Team (Snowbasin Sport Education Foundation)! We're excited to see you and your friends at the mountain.