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John Paul Campout

Fri Jul 27 2018


Take the John Paul Express Chair up the mountain and explore the geological remnants of an ancient ocean floor while enjoying the majestic view at 9,000 feet.  The event will go overnight, where guests will be able to set up camp either inside or outside the John Paul Lodge.  Appetizers, education, libations, campfire, dinner, cowboy yodelers and storytellers,  and live guitar music will occupy the evening and then a hearty breakfast will be served in the morning before heading back down the mountain.  This will be one of the most unique dining and exploration events in all of Utah.  Dinner will be prepared over an ‘open fire’ with Dutch ovens and spits with only the highest quality ingredients.  Guests will be asked to help prepare items if they would like.  Plus there will be a guided hike and a yoga session.  The event includes all food, beverage, and transportation up the mountain.  This is a Dining Discovery Culinary Expedition experience of a lifetime.  $150 is all-inclusive and includes all taxes and gratuity.  Limited to the first 75 reservations.  Lift ride up 4:30 pm-7:00 pm while all gear and supplies will be trucked up the mountain.  Last ride down 9:30 pm.  Ride down at 10:00 am the next morning.  

Reservation mandatory and can be made by calling 801-620-1021. Limited to the first 75 reservations.
Cost: $150 includes all food, beverage, and hospitality 

Useful List for Guests

In order for our guests to have a great experience, it would be suggested that all guests bring the following supplies and gear for their stay:


  • Tent & Sleeping Bag/Pillow
  • Sunscreen & sun protection
  • Bug spray
  • Extra clothes/layers
  • It gets cold at night, a warm hoodie/jacket
  • Flashlight and lantern
  • Batteries for electronics
  • Good hiking footwear and extra socks
  • Gloves and winter hat
  • Steel stakes and weights for tents
  • Camp chairs
  • Restricted dietary items and medicines


The weather can change quickly at 9000 feet, so be prepared for very big drops in temperature at night and it can get very breezy without warning.  If weather becomes an issue, the lodge is plenty spacious for everyone.

Items you will not need to bring as we will offer them for your comfort and convenience all evening:

  • Any food or beverage items (unless unique to a dietary restriction).  We will have Gluten Free items available.
  • Water
  • Power generators
  • Plates or utensils
  • Games
  • Snacks – snacks and NA beverages will be available in the lodge all night.

***Any alcoholic beverage will be confiscated as it is in violation of the Resort’s Licensing.  There will be a hosted bar until 11:30 pm. 

For their safety, no pets or children under 12 permitted.

The chairlift begins bringing people to the lodge at 4:30 pm and will run until 7:00 pm.  After 10:00 pm, the lift will be shut off for the evening unless there is an emergency.  There will be trucks taking gear up to the lodge beginning at 5:00 pm.  Last truck up for gear at 7:00 pm.

It is suggested that guests arrive at 4:30 pm to get their tickets, sign waivers, and properly pack their gear in the transportation vehicles.



Can I drive up to the Lodge on my own? 


Can I drop off a camper?


Can I ride my bike down the next day?

Yes, but the bike will have to go up in one of the trucks, not the lift.

Can I bring my kids?

Kids 12 and under are highly discouraged and not recommended given the hazards of the area.  Children 12 and over must pay full rate and should still be watched cautiously.

Can we hike around on our own?

Yes, but we would prefer you go with the guided hikes. Please be back to the lodge by 8:30 pm.

Can I bring my own alcohol or beer?

NO. Any alcoholic beverage will be confiscated as it is in violation of the Resort’s Licensing.  There will be a hosted bar until 11:30 pm. 

Can we hike to the top?

Yes, but again, please be back to the lodge before dark.

Can I bring my dog?

No, pets are not allowed

Are there snakes?

Yes, rattlesnakes are present in the area.  We will do our best to abate them in advance, but it is still an inherent risk.

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