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Plated Cinnabar Brunch
Starting today at: 8:30am

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Divas on Snow Session 2
Starting today at: 8:00am

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Cinnabar Après Music with Kris Lager Band
Starting today at: 3:30pm

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Tap Takeover with Shades of Pale Brewery
Sat Jan 19 2019

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Dining Discovery Brewmaster’s Dinner Featuring Uinta Brewing Co. & Shades Brewing
Sat Jan 19 2019

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Full Moon Uphill Ski

Sun Jan 20 2019

Join Ogden Valley Ski Team for an uphill ski event under the full moon on Sunday, January 20, Tuesday, February 19 and Wednesday, March 20. 

Start at Earl's Plaza at 600 pm and follow the designated uphill travel route to Needles Lodge, skiing down by 9:00 pm. Followed by a social event on Earl's Plaza.

No cost to attend, uphill travel gear and lights front and back are required. 

Prior to engaging in uphill travel at Snowbasin Resort, please refer to our UPHILL TRAVEL POLICY and obey the following:

  • When traveling uphill, please stay in the middle of the trail.
  • All uphill travelers must be equipped with lights, front, and back.
  • Only stop where you can be seen from above and below.
  • No dogs are allowed on the mountain.
  • Your uphill route is your downhill route.
  • If you come to a sign that reads " Winch Cat Above This Point", this ends your ascent. Do not travel around winch cats. 

Designated uphill routes:  Powder Puff - School Hill - Bear Hollow - Sweet Revenge - Needles Lodge or Powder Puff - Snowshoe Road - School Hill - Bear Hollow - Sweet Revenge 0 Middle Bowl Traverse - Porcupine Traverse - Strawberry Traverse - Needles Lodge. 

Please note - this is an Ogden Valley Ski Team event and is not hosted by Snowbasin Resort. Participation is at your own risk and participants must sign waivers. Anyone in violation of our uphill policy may be removed from the mountain and subject to fines, as well as jeopardize the future of uphill travel at Snowbasin Resort.

Yield the right of way and stay clear of ski area machinery, i.e. grooming machines, snowmobiles, and snowmaking equipment. You are responsible for your own safety. Expect to always encounter ski area machinery and employees at any time and anywhere on the mountain. Mountain users should wear reflective clothing, headlamps and blinking lights on front and back. No pets allowed on the mountain.


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