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Cinnabar Aprés with The Battlefield
Starting today at: 3:30pm

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Plated Cinnabar Brunch
Starting today at: 8:30am

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Chapel Service at Needles
Starting today at: 2:00pm

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USASA Slopestyle Events
All day today!

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Tap Takeover Featuring Red Rock Brewing Co.
All day today!

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Dining Discovery Weekly Cinnabar Experience: Mongolian Hot Pots

Hot Pot, Steamboat, and Shabu Shabu are terms referred to this style of cooking, depending on the region of East Asia you’re referring to.  Explore your cravings of Traditional Hot Pots where a simmering pot of broth is placed in the center of the table for sharing and the many ingredients are then cooked by those sharing the pot in the hot broth.  The technique dates back more than 1000 years in Mongolia to the Jin Dynasty.  The style was then spread through China and East Asia over the last 400 years into Viet Nam (Pho) and Japan.  It’s considered a very hearty, wintertime meal that fits perfectly with the Spirit of Dining Discovery and Après Ski at Snowbasin Resort.  $20 for a single pot.  Two People $35.  Four People $70.  Six People $100.  8 People $130.  Suggested beverages will be available for this very special dining event. 

*No reservation needed


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