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When Storms Align.. (and it’s parents day off!)

By Megan Collins Mon Oct 20 2014 Skiing

Time for a little confession. I spend way too much time scrolling my Instagram feed, dreaming of being on that beach, in those mountains, in knee-deep powder, above those clouds. And while my life is full of the outdoors, my life is also full of family, in the form of three young kids. Their smiles enchant me. Their minds teach me to see the world in ways I never would have. But when the storms roll through the Wasatch and my single, kid-free friends head out the door in search of untouched lines, I feel a twinge of, “ugh”. And when they return full on stoke, I glance around the house, bidding my time. Confession number two. I have learned from experience, that a few “adult days” a year make me a better parent. And by Monday of last week, the weekend couldn’t come soon enough. This time it was Chris and my turn to hit the slopes kid free! I didn’t even care what the weather brought. By mid-week, I was quietly holding my breath, as storms and moisture were rolling across Utah. It looked as though something more than luck was guiding my week. Our randomly planned ski day was lining up with 6-12” of new snow. I could hardly believe it! Sunday morning we dropped two kids off for a full-day of ski school and our youngest at the Snowbasin day care. The instructor looked me straight in the eye and said, “I’ve got them from here, you hurry and jump on Needles! There is still fresh powder out there for ya!” Ah… nothing like the presence of kindred spirits! He knew just what I was thinking. And it turned out there was more than a little leftovers. Having been closed the previous day, Strawberry opened at 10:30 and we had fresh tracks all morning long. I was finally IN those Instagram photos. I was living in my own special paradise.
Looking off Elk Ridge, powder day fresh tracks off Strawberry When the powder was all devoured. When our tummies were full on creamy soup and hot pizza from John Paul Lodge. When our souls were brimming over with mountain glory, we returned to our three kids. Three kids who rocked all day lessons, made new friends, excelled at new skills. We returned to instructors that were still smiling despite a long day on the job. We returned to a toddler who took a 1 hr private lesson in the middle of the day, and then spent the rest of her time making crafts and playing. We returned to the friendliest day care employees I’ve ever encountered and kids who didn’t want the day to end. Secretly I didn’t want it to either. But paradise will be waiting for another day. Don’t sit at home wishing you were elsewhere. Make a plan. Get out there. Snowbasin wants to give you the day off. This next powder storm might just be yours.
Posted 3.13.14 by Alyssa Erikson

Megan Collins

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