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Top 10 Reasons to Work at Snowbasin Resort This Winter

By Megan Collins Thu Oct 12 2017 Employment, Upcoming Events

1. Free Ski Pass

Don’t fret about that money needed for a ski pass to enjoy our winter playground, because as an employee you get a free ski pass at Snowbasin Resort.  Think what you can do with that extra $829 in your pocket! Plus, as an employee you get half off food when working, free lessons to improve your skills, discounts on the latest and greatest ski and snowboard rental fleet, discounts on tunes, free ski days at Sun Valley Resort in Idaho, lodging discounts at company-owned hotels, and more.


2. Work with People Who are Outdoor Centric too!  

Working at a ski resort is a great place to be surrounded by people just like you. People here love to be outside and adventure. So not only are you working in a place you want to play, but you are meeting more people to play with. People come back season after season, so you can learn the ins and outs of the slopes and make friends for outside of work fun too.


3. Legendary Lunches

How many people get to play at their office during their lunch breaks? Rather than waiting until the end of the day, you can get your fun in at lunch. You could be lapping Strawberry Gondola, hiking to the goods on top of Demoisy Peak, skiing or riding over Olympic terrain, or just dining mid-mountain and admiring the iconic Ogden Valley views.


4. Best Skiing in the World

With 3,000 acres there is terrain suited to all skill levels and we are the only resort with two enclosed gondolas. With three mountain areas, the crowds feel minimal and the slopes feel expansive. John Paul area offers some of the best-advanced powder skiing, advanced terrain, and the opportunity to ski and ride on the Olympic Downhill course from top to bottom. Strawberry area is wide open and offers long rolling groomers. The middle of the mountain offers fun pockets to explore.


5. Free Group Lessons.

New to the resort or want to improve your skiing and riding skills? Employees get free unlimited group lessons. It’s a great way to experience what our guests do and improve your own skills for navigating the resort.


6. Access to Work is Easy

If you live in Ogden or Layton, ride the UTA ski bus to and from the resort. A bus pass is complimentary for any employee and saves gas and wear on your car. If you do drive, we offer free employee parking and have carpool opportunities where you can make new friends and save parking spots for our guests.


7. Up Above the Smog

Living among the Wasatch Front, we all know the inversion all too well. Working in the mountains gets you above the smog, where you can breathe easier and see the sun. Take a job up at Snowbasin and you will have an excuse to head to the mountains for both work and play.  


8. Happy People

Snowbasin is regularly recognized in the top ten by Ski Magazine for excellent service. To obtain this ranking both the external and internal guests are happy. Showing up with a smile is contagious. It’s hard not to be happy when you are doing a job you love - our employees love what they do. We have jobs to please everyone. For someone who likes the outdoors, you can be a lift operator; for someone who likes to teach, you can be a ski instructor; like to be in the kitchen, our culinary team is the place to be; like to work with your hands, then the rental shop is for you and these are just a few of the different departments you can work for.


9. No Cubicles

The job atmosphere is a little different at Snowbasin. No job has a cubicle!  Most of your work is done outside of a 4 walled office.  This mixes up your days. You will have your ‘normal’ day at work, but every day tends to be a little different due to the environment we work in. It keeps you on your toes and its fun knowing that your job is a little different every day.


10. Growth, Opportunities, and Careers 

There are lots of different positions that make the ski resort run. You can start small and get your foot in the door to meet like-minded people and gain on the job experience. Snowbasin is a world-class resort always trying to get better and look to our employees to help us do this. Furthermore, Snowbasin Resort is part of the Grand America Hotels and Resort which includes 2 ski resorts and 6 hotels all over the west. So you have more opportunities beyond just Snowbasin, once you start with us.


We hope you will help us create the best day ever and work with us this winter!

Learn about the opportunities on the website. 



Megan Collins

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