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Recap of Wildflower Trailfest at Snowbasin!

By Megan Collins Thu Jul 27 2017 Basin Buzz

Wildflower Trailfest is a women’s specific event, celebrating women on the trails, whether through trail running or mountain biking. Every summer they team up with Snowbasin Resort, offering an amazing event full of competition, education, good food and entertainment for women.

This year was no exception to the awesomeness! My friend and I departed work early and headed up to Snowbasin with our mountain bikes, picnic blankets, and a tank full of enthusiasm for hanging out with like minded-women all evening.

Races and Skills Clinics

We opted for a night of learning rather than competition (there are both trail running races and mountain biking races offered) and joined an intermediate biking skills class coached by Jen Hudak (jenhudak.com), a world champion skier and mountain biking enthusiast.

All the coaches were super encouraging and sensitive to the skills each participant hoped to gain. In our group we spent most of our time working through a progression that taught us to  corner at speed.

mountain biking

We also spent time learning and practicing our pedal punch wheel lift. When everyone was comfortable practicing these things on grass and over small obstacles, we took our practicing to the trails.

Dinner, Yoga, and a Movie

As the sun dipped low in the sky, we finished up our clinic, cheered on the racers as they crossed the finish line, enjoyed warm paninis for dinner, and set up our camp chairs and blankets so we could enjoy a viewing of Red Bull’s new movie “Blood Road.”

If you have not seen this movie featuring Rebecca Rusch and her journey, via mountain bike, to find her father’s crash site on the Ho Chi Minh Trail, then you must! It is a powerful and educational movie about the Vietnam War.

If you missed this year’s Trailfest, make sure not to next summer! Wildflower also has their yearly road biking event for women, Pedalfest, coming up on August 12, 2017.

Thank you Snowbasin Resort and Wildflower Trailfest for a fabulous evening!

Megan Collins

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