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Making the Most of Summer Vacation at Snowbasin Resort

By Megan Collins Tue Jul 28 2015 Mt. Biking, Snowbasin Report, Upcoming Events

“So what was your favorite part of our hike?” My husband asked our seven-year-old son. They had just spent a night on the trail, hiking and summiting Mount Timpanogos, one of the tallest summits in the Wasatch Range. 

“Well, the hiking isn't my favorite, but I really like spending time with you,” he answered. 

My husband relayed this story to me yesterday and while my son’s response wasn’t shocking (he is such relational little dude), it also was. 

See, I spend so much time thinking of fun adventures and activities to do with my kids, when often it is far more simple than that. Our kids just want to spend uninterrupted time with us. July is quickly coming to an end and with it the feelings of summer fade while the worries of a new school year fill our minds. However, now is the time to grab that carefree time with our kids. 

Here are three ways to make the most of August before summer is over:

Take a Snowbasin Guided Tour as a family! Snowbasin has a whole host of guided tours scheduled for Saturdays for the remainder of the summer. Topics are fun for the whole family, including How a Chair Lift Works, Learning about Ski Patrollers, and Touring the Needles Cirque. 

Eat a meal outside in the mountains. This is by far one of our favorite summer pastimes. Instead of eating at home, we make the most of the long day-light hours, head to the mountains and get some food at Snowbasin! Enjoy brunch at Needles Lodge or a burger during Blues, Brews, and BBQs while the kids run, explore, and enjoy nature.

Experience something new like mountain biking, paddle-boarding, or a game of Frisbee Golf. It is so easy to get into our habits, and only do what we’ve already done! Make a list as a family of the things you want to try before school starts and enjoy the adventure together! Maybe it is a hike or a new sport. Learning along side our kids makes valuable memories for everyone.

Megan Collins

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