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Life Lessons on the Slopes

By Megan Collins Sun Feb 02 2014

Riding the Little Cat Express Muhammad Ali said,
“Friendship is not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.”
Friendship. That one great connection we seek as individuals. It is easy, as an adventure family, to forget that my kids are made in the same mold I am. Sure I want to hit the slopes, taste the powder, and breath the bluebird skies. But what I treasure most are the laughs between chair tower 9 and 10. In short, the camaraderie of adventuring with friends. As our kids have grown, we’ve worked tirelessly to keep the bar high on our “adventure quota” as a family. But I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t often think of bringing my kid’s friends along. Sometimes I am barely managing those who dwell within the walls of my own home! But kids are motivated in the same ways we are. If you are looking to motivate a reluctant skier, bring their friends, and their heart will come along with them. Bring a friend on ski days This last weekend, we brought a friend (and his mom) and introduced them to Snowbasin for the first time. After all it is “Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month.” So why not spread the love? My son and his friend enjoyed a morning ski lesson with the Grizzly Cub Kids and then skied together the rest of the afternoon. And while it was just another sunny ski day for me, it was probably the highlight of the season for my kids. It was their turn to whoop as they aired off the rollers under the Little Cat Express. To giggle themselves into snowbanks and laugh between chair tower 9 and 10. It was crazy and chaotic and fun. It is priceless to watch them grow in their friendships… and to realize I have a few things to learn about friendship myself. Like the fact that even though I have a “friendship” with my kids, I will always be their mom. They are motivated from their friends in a way they aren’t from me. That is OK. It will be those friends that dig them out of a tree well or shadow them down a chute when I am far too old to keep up anymore. So ski with your kids and invite a friend! Give them an mountain experience. Give them the gift of friendship on the slopes.  Give them something they can only learn in the school of the mountains. Kids skiing together, friendship  

Megan Collins

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