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Recap of Lesson 2 from the Learn and Earn Program

By Megan Collins Thu Mar 02 2017 Skiing, Snowboarding

Lesson 2 of The Snowbasin Learn and Earn Program

The saga continues, as the Thueson family continues their progress as a legit Utah Ski Family.

Our 2nd lesson, I am very happy to report was a complete success as well! This time older sister Morgan {12} had a previous commitment, so she was unable to join in on the 2nd lesson Snowbasin Learn and Earn Program fun.

And after looking at our family calendar and seeing only, so many precious "open" Saturdays remaining in the ski season - I decided I would just take my two littles up for their second lesson sans Dad and Morgan. - Big Sis can get caught up later.

Since it was just the three of us on this trip -  I decided I would take full advantage of the very well appointed Snowbasin Lodge and Free Wifi - and cozy up next to fire to be inspired to write and work for the day while my two littles spent the day fully enjoying their 2nd full day of lessons! It was such a fun, relaxing Mom day for me! Next time I will bring my skis and get out there on the slopes again! But I kind of dug my low key lounge day in the lodge, not lying. I got so much work done!

Just a little PSA- I will mention it one more time because it bears repeating!! Leave your house with the thought in mind that it will take you and extra 30-45 minutes more than you think it will to get to the resort and settled in! This is something I continually need to remind myself of. LOL  - This will also help you get set up in a prime spot with an outlet in the lodge if you want to follow my lead and work the day away while your kiddos ski! 

After a very productive and relaxing day for me, I picked up my kiddos in the learning center excited to hear the reports of their second lesson. My son Boston, by nature, is very cautious and is not interested in sports in the least bit. He loves Minecraft and his mind is engineered like that of an engineer. He is crazy smart and can build anything. But he is a perfectionist and can get easily discouraged if something is not perfect in his mind. I am pretty sure this is why he has not latched onto sports as a hobby. As a Mom and fitness professional, it makes my heart sad that he hadn't found a way to move and be active that he absolutely LOVES.

I give you this bit a of back story so you can understand how incrediably awesome it was for me to see him SOOO excited about skiing!! I picked him up and he could not wait to show me his "report card" he was absolutely glowing with excitement as he showed me all the cool stuff and skills he had signed off! I could see his pride in how well he was doing and my little Mom heart was bursting with joy that he has found his thing!

SnowBasin Ski School Stars

After hearing a very enthusiastic play by play of Boston's wins. My little princess Tatum was super excited to share all the details from her lesson and the very exciting fact that she had been seeing princesses throughout the day. She thought it was so cool that they choose to would hang out at Snowbasin.

We had completely lucked out!! We had scheduled just the right day for skiing. It was Snowbasin's Inaugural Winter Festival.  The Winter Festival was complete with shows from Disney Princesses and The Star Wars crew - my kids were in HEAVEN!

The Snow Princess Festival

Tatum could not keep her eyes off the dancing princesses after her lessons, which she loved. For Miss Tatum she now has a magical expectation for Snowbasin, I mean Santa was here, now princesses, a little girl could get used to this.

Snow Basin Princess Visit

As we made our way out to the car - my kids continued to be a buzz with the pure joy of a day well-spent skiing, eating yummy food, and seeing some of their favorite "Stars".

As they dozed off on the drive home filled with total joyful exhaustion - I couldn't help but smile as I peered at the view in my review mirror.  Another successful Snowbasin Learn and Earn lesson was in the books! Can hardly wait for our next adventure!

Andie Thueson is the founder of Maybe I Will, a health and fitness blog. As an NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and Fitness Nutrition Specialist she shares healthy recipes, awesome workouts and tips for living a healthy, fit and positive life.   

Megan Collins

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