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Lesson 1 of Snowbasin Resort Learn and Earn Program

By Megan Collins Tue Jan 31 2017 Basin Buzz, Skiing, Snowboarding

As the snow began to hit Utah hard, my kids began to beg me every day to embark on their new skiing adventure.

I too was super excited to see how to kids would respond to this new and exciting endeavor.

I am happy to report the first day of lessons at Snowbasin Resort went off without a hitch and incredibly with no tears. It was a total win, and my kids are itching to go back for their next day of ski lessons.

A couple of very important lessons I have learned in the process that will be immensely helpful for you.

Give yourself 30-45 minutes more than you think you’ll need to get there. We did not plan accordingly, and by the time weparked the car, got everyone into their skis, and all warmed up we were LATE, which we really try hard not to do! So take my word for it and give yourself more than enough time and you’ll be there right on time. 

Snowbasin learn and earn skier

Once the kids were safely checked into their ski lessons, Kelly and I were free to hit the slopes just the two of us! This was another really nice perk of going the lesson route. We had a great time – both Kelly and I have not skied for a while. For me, it has been since high school…. So finding my ski legs again has been a fun adventure.  I am happy to report  Snowbasin Resort has a fantastic beginner hill, that I was able to master and feel pretty dang comfortable enough to graduate to the full on a green hill, with only a couple falls. My goal this year is to get skilled enough to take the gondola all the way up to the gorgeous Needles Lodge hang for a bit and ski down. Which involves mostly blue runs, I can do that right?? Wish me luck! 

After a relaxing day of skiing just the two of us and eating some fantastic lunch in the lodge, Snowbasin Resort is not kidding around when it comes to their cuisine! I enjoyed their chili and Kelly had their pulled pork sandwich with fries. Both our meals were delicious!!

 We enjoyed our meal in front of the roaring fire enjoying the picturesque view of the skiers coming down the hill. Between the food, the fire and the view – yep life is good! Especially when you’re spending your days at Snowbasin Resort!

After picking our kids up after their first day of lessons, I was blown away by how much they had learned in just a day!

The instructors did a fantastic job. The kids received these cute little “report cards” that the instructors signed off on certain skills as they progress through the program.

Both Morgan {12}, and Boston {9} went on their first ski lift ride and skied and snowboarded down the Hill!  It was so fun as a Mom to sit back and see them all lit up with pride on how well they had done on their first day. All the feels!

Even my littlest Tatum {5} did really well and loved it! I was actually a little nervous about how she would do. I had attempted to take her roller skating a couple of weeks back and that had been met with tears. Tatum wouldn’t even try to skate on her little skates. It was so sad! So you can see my hesitancy on how skiing would work out.  But maybe the fact that I was taken out of the equation was a good thing. Her instructor said she did really well and was very brave! And at the end of the day, she was excited about going again! So It was a huge win for my littlest! 

On our way out we even ran into Santa, and my littlest was able to fill him in on her last minute Christmas wishes, which just added to the overall magic of the day. 

And what would be a day of skiing at Snowbasin Resort be without an obligatory family picture in front of the Snowbasin Moose? It is the perfect way to top off a spectacular day of skiing and fun.

As well piled in our family car for our drive home, my kids were a buzz from a day filled with fun. Even my quiet little guy was talking non stop about all the cool things he had learned and how he had mastered this and that.  Then my “too cool” tween pipped up with stories of all her cool snowboarding adventures. Then, of course, our little one had to share her wins as well.  My husband and I just sat back and looked at each other smiling, and filled with complete gratitude that our dream of becoming a little ski family is well on its way to becoming a thing!

Andie Thueson is the founder of Maybe I Will, a health and fitness blog. As an NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and Fitness Nutrition Specialist she shares healthy recipes, awesome workouts and tips for living a healthy, fit and positive life. 


Megan Collins