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Exploring Snowbasin’s All New Kid’s Adventure Tours

By Megan Collins Fri Jun 26 2015 Dining & Entertainment, Summer Concert Series, Snowbasin Report, Upcoming Events

Summer is in full effect. Temperatures in the valley are climbing to epic proportions and at the end of a long week, we find ourselves desperate for a soul-filling cool off and maybe a few hours of kid-free entertainment.

We load up the kids, the dog, the bikes, and backpacks full of ice water into our car and head for Snowbasin Resort.

This summer, Snowbasin has Kid’s Adventure Tours every Sunday from 2:30-5:30 p.m. during Blues, Brews, and BBQS and we plan on taking full advantage of them!

Today will be our kid’s first tour:

Animal Tracks -  “Tracks, scat and animal homes are just some of the things we’ll search for as we explore the trails around Snowbasin’s base area. We’ll hike to a beaver pond as we keep our eyes open for signs of moose, bears, birds, marmots, coyotes and squirrels.”

After purchasing tickets for the tour, we drop the kids off with Amy, their tour guide, in the Grizzly Center. They make name tags, get to meet the other kids, and discuss animals they might find today. A short walk around the base teaches them about the animals featured in statues around the lodge area. They stop in Earl’s Lodge and pick up juice, cookies, trail mix and fruit for their hike.

The outdoor tour is tempered with indoor games and learning. Today I am relieved that they will spend sometime indoor as the temperatures soar. They play games such as memeory to learn how to identify animal tracks.

After learning about tracks and scat of various animals, they head out on their animal tracking adventure. Today they are hiking to the beaver ponds and not wanting to be the hovering parent, I send my camera along with the kids, and head on over to the Father’s Day BBQ. My husband and I grab a beer and enjoy Patti Fiasco, Screen Door Porch & Canyon Kids, while the kids are off on their own adventure.

At 5:30 p.m. we meet the kids and Amy back at the playground. The kids found Wolverine scat, a beaver dam, and learned about how the beavers build their homes. They are hot and sweaty and tired… but most importantly they are smiling!

We all head home, exhausted but ready to take on a new week.

Snowbasin Resort is offering Kid’s Adventure Tours every Sunday throughout the summer. Topics vary but include learning about the local geology and rocks, making nature crafts, learning survival skills, and experiencing mountain sports such as mountain biking, hiking and disc golf.

For a full schedule of tours and more information visit Kid’s Adventure Tours.

Megan Collins

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