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4 Reasons Spring Skiing is great for your Family

By Megan Collins Thu Apr 10 2014

Spring Skiing at Snowbasin Spring cleaning has commenced. Bikes have come out of storage. Spring dresses, sun hats, and hiking boots can all be added to the mix. It is easy to want to give up on winter when spring has hit the valley in full swing. This is the time of year where I want to rush head first into flipflop season and leave my skis behind. But don’t give up on winter yet! Or on skiing! Spring is the BEST time of year to ski with your kids. And here is why: 1. Favorable weather = favorable moods. No more worrying about layers. Worrying about freezing fingers and toes. No more icy noses. And hence no more crying kids! As temperatures climb and the days become longer, warmer temperatures are my #1 reason for loving spring skiing. It takes the worry and hassle out of skiing with kids. And a little Vitamin D, for some reason, always boosts everyone’s mood. Just be sure to smear on the sunscreen! Spring skiing with kids 2. There is no hurry. No rush to hit “first chair.” No grasping after first tracks. Not even a battle for perfect corduroy. Spring conditions mean slushy snow that softens and becomes nicer as the day moves on. In fact, early runs may only lead to skiing ice… Rather, enjoy sleeping in a little, a good breakfast, and casually making your way to the slopes by mid-morning. 3. Less Crowds! Go against the flow. While the rest of the city is camping out at their kid’s soccer games and flooding the local bike trails, hit the slopes and enjoy a less crowded and less frantic ski day. 4. “Chill” No I don’t mean a ‘cold’ chill. But rather, relax, kick your feet up, enjoy a beer with good friends and hot baked cookies at 3pm. Eat lunch outside as the sun warms your skin. Take your time and take the stress out of life by just “chillin.” Fresh baked cookies at Snowbasin

Megan Collins

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