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Snowbasin Resort Sustainability

Snowbasin Resort Mission Statement:

Our Mission is fostering environmental stewardship and sustainability

At Snowbasin Resort we have altered many of our current operations to fit a sustainable mold.  And not just for the purposes of being ‘green’, but because it’s a very smart business practice to conserve resources which lowers expenses on many things that can result in lowering resort overhead.  This is good financial sense, and when it makes environmental sense, it just becomes a no-brainer.  We feel strongly that we have put our best foot forward in this new initiative, and know we are setting the appropriate bedrock standards to build on for future growth with less dependence on many resources and consumables.

One of the things you will see new this year is that we will be severely reducing the amount of plastic water cups available to the public in our water refill areas.  Though this may appear to be inconvenient at first, we unquestionably hope you understand that we are trying to rigorously reduce the total amount of plastic cups we consumed last year.  In fact, we consumed the equivalent of 26 miles of Plastic Cups (if placed end-to-end).  That’s the length of plastic water cups if laid end-to-end of 46 times up and down the Needles Gondola.  That’s enough cups if laid end-to-end to get to Ogden and halfway back.  That’s enough cups to go to Huntsville 2.5 times.  And that is just the water cups and does not take into account other waste.  Do you think this is excessive?  We certainly do, and we need your help and cooperation to remedy the problem.

How you can help:

Please use reusable cups, containers, camelbacks, etc.  We will be selling a very inexpensive collapsible option in dining areas, and many other brands and varieties are always available for purchase in the Grizzly Center.  We hope that you will cooperate with us while we make this very important change that’s beneficial to not only our business, but to our natural environment that we all love and admire.

Since the inception of the Sustainability Initiative in February of 2013, we have made many, many important strides in overall reduction and conservation of resources and waste.  We are very proud of the following accomplishments:

Formation of a ‘GREEN TEAM’: 

An employee based suggestion group and think-tank where all employees are invited to participate as desired.  Formed in March of 2013, this small, passionate group of Snowbasin Resort employees has hit the ground running altering the culture and many of the operations while raising awareness.  This group helps managers see things in a different perspective, but also helps offer solutions to impact results.  We also encourage many of our local guests to participate.  Since March 2013, this group has spear-headed community projects that include beach cleaning at Pineview Reservoir, forest service trail clean-ups, food drives, and more, equaling 150 hours of service so far with more to go.

Current List of Accomplishments and Achievements in the realm of Sustainability:

  • Dining is currently partnering with sustainable beef operators – Agribeef, RR Ranch, Snake River Farms (all one company).  Check out their websites as they are leaders in cattle and ranching sustainable operations.
  • Dining is currently partnering with Uinta Brewing – read their sustainability brief as they use 100% renewable energy resources.
  • Recycling and education in employee areas.  Proper sort techniques in the back of house.
  • Dining is currently using all reusable wares – even on BBQ’s.  Eliminated paper plates by investing in Melamine plates for outdoor service and all china and silver for indoor service.
  • Using reusable stylish cups/mugs at outdoor functions and concerts – silipint 16 oz. cups and 22 oz. beer steins.  Doing very well and guests are impressed.
  • Recycling 100% cardboard and currently baling it for use back to in the marketplace as a raw material commodity.
  • Removed all plastic wares from group business.
  • Dining eliminated most of the glass containers from the waste stream by converting almost all beer to cans and kegs.
  • Dining eliminated all portion control packaging and moved to volume packs.
  • Dining changed seafood vendors to buy only seafood and fish from the approved seafood watch list.
  • Created food menus to be based around seasonal vegetables based on time of the year to buy produce only in season to decrease importing.
  • Dining built an herb garden and hearty vegetable garden for the summer.
  • Retro-fitted low flush valves on all toilets.
  • Working with Rocky Mountain Power to actively retro-fit all lighting to low energy LED – looking to replace water heaters and other equipment to high efficiency, low energy.
  • New operating system on building mechanical to track run time and lower overall power usage.
  • Set temperature timing on all buildings based on day of the week and time of the day.
  • Installing exterior lighting with photo eyes to come on when people walk by versus leaving lights on all night on the exterior of buildings – safer and more energy efficient.
  • Re-evaluated cleaners and chemical to greener alternatives without forcing costs.
  • Built rookeries for local large bird species to nest safely away from buildings.
  • Recently purchased all new recycling containers for inside of lodges and outside in public areas.
  • Entered into an agreement with Rocky Mountain Recycling to divert and recycle plastic, aluminum, office paper, glass, and cardboard – all of which are being reused as raw materials.