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Terrain Parks

Snowbasin’s rail arsenal has grown to over 65 rails for the 2012-13 winter season. The Snowbasin park crew has been busy building the new features, many of them from recycled materials. For an easy progression, there are multiple parks at Snowbasin designed as small, medium and large. The progressive new terrain park system incorporates lessons with ski school and obstacles that are well maintained, consistently groomed, and fun for all abilities. These improvements as well as a dedicated Prinoth Bison X Snow Cat for the parks are the result of Snowbasin's continued commitment to the growing number of snowboarders and free-skiers visiting our resort.

A number of events will take place at Snowbasin this season as well.

Snowbasin promotes freestyle terrain safety.
For general guidelines, visit
Always remember to obey the rules of terrain park safety!

Superpipe - Large Park

Snowbasin will feature a 22' pipe for the Winter Dew Tour in February, and then change to an 18' pipe after the contest and will be cut two to three times per week. Opening day for the pipe is weather dependent.

Showboat - Large Park

This park is a modified version of the Dew Tour slopestyle course. It features large jumps and rails for the advanced rider. IT's BIG!!

Coyote Bowl - Family Park

Combining banked slalom, jumps & transition style features this park has something for everyone in the family. From the entry level skier/rider learning how to switch edges on banked terrain to the experienced athlete looking to try some redirection transfers this park has it all on one of Snowbasin Resort’s longest park runs.

Needles Rail Garden - Small/Medium Park

The Needles Rail Garden, located at the base area, is a huge hit!  From opening day, the garden will offer a variety four to six features. During the season, the garden will expand up to three lines with three rails each.

Orson's - Medium Park

The entire run is dedicated to our terrain parks, with medium sized jumps, large hip, multiple rail lines and even a double stair set. Look for several new jib setups throughout the season!

Blue Grouse - Rail Garden Park

The entire run consists of various rail features, with flat bars big and small, traditional street rails, multiple boxes and mix in some transitions just for fun. Look for several different setups throughout the season to keep the park creative and fun!

Powder Puff - Small Park

Located next to Littlecat Lift Powder Puff offers small jumps, rails and features for the beginner skier or snowboarder looking to venture in the park for the first time. Low to the ground box features and rolling jumps allow you to gain confidence and learn what to expect when riding in a terrain park.

Snowshoe - Small Park

This park features small jumps and rails for your learning pleasure. This area is fun for all levels but is focused on the beginner with non-intimidating setups and great flow.

Terrain Park Safety

Four main points of Smart Style

Make a Plan

  • Every time you use Freestyle Terrain, make a plan for each feature you want to use.
  • Your speed, approach and takeoff will directly affect your maneuver and landing.

Look Before You Leap

  • Before getting into freestyle terrain observe all signage and warnings
  • Scope around the jumps first not over them
  • Use your first run as a warm up run and to familiarize yourself with the terrain
  • Be aware that the features change constantly due to weather, usage, grooming and time of day
  • Do not jump blindly and use a spotter when necessary

Easy Style It

  • Know your limits and ski/ride within your ability level
  • Look for small progression parks or features to begin with and work your way up
  • Freestyle skills require maintaining control on the ground and in the air
  • Do not attempt any features unless you have sufficient ability and experience to do so safely
  • Inverted aerials increase your risk of injury and are not recommended

Respect Gets Respect

  • Respect the terrain and others
  • One person on a feature at a time
  • Wait your turn and call your start
  • Always clear the landing area quickly
  • Respect all signs and stay off closed terrain and features


Be sure you Know the Code: You're Responsibility Code provides safety tips while on the slopes. Smart Style is a terrain park specific safety program that you should check out before using terrain parks.

The Snowbasin Snowsports Learning Center will utilize the terrain to heighten the skill level of their freestyle snowboard and skiing students.

Stay safe when having fun! Check out Freestyle Terrain Safety Video which we bring you together with

Watch for more details on Snowbasin Terrain Parks, crew, photo galleries and events!