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Mountain Safety

The Mountain safety section was created to provide you with information that will help you enjoy your Snowbasin Resort vacation safely while maximizing fun on the mountain. Remember to always Ski and Snowboard within your means and to be aware of the people around you. To find out more about ways to stay safe click on any of the tabs below:

Avalanche Awareness

Backcountry skiing can be exhilarating, but also very dangerous. Without the avalanche control teams like at the resorts, backcountry snow terrain can quickly give way, starting an avalanche. Although there is no sure fire way to stay out of trouble while backcountry skiing, here are some tips that can help you "stay on top of it!"

  1. Access backcountry avalanche warning online at the WestWide Avalanche Network of the National Avalanche Center or the National Weather Service websites; or call 1-888-999-4019.
  2. Obey closures and warning.
  3. Always travel with a partner.
  4. Carry a beacon, shovel and probe and know how to use them (you can learn how, or further hone your skills at Snowbasin's Avalanche Rescue Training Center).
  5. Think about the consequences!
    • What will happen if it slides?
    • One at a time!
    • Get out of the way at the bottom!
  6. Know the red flags for unstable snow.
    • Recent avalanches.
    • Heavy snowfall.
    • Strong winds.
    • Shooting cracks.
    • Whoomphing noises.
    • Rapid warming.

Snow and weather conditions can change quickly. Avalanche gates open and close accordingly for your safety. Never enter a closed area. You may lose your pass or receive a citation from Weber County Sheriff (class B misdemeanor). If you are unsure about terrain access, please contact the Ski Patrol. In case of emergency call 911.

Know the code! It's your responsibility.

Go Sun Smart offers you tips on how you can easily protect your skin and eyes. So, when you go to work and play, Go Sun Smart!