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In addition to access to all mountain biking trails, there are three trails just for hikers. All three lead to the crest of the ridge for breathtaking views of the valley far below. It is possible to hike and scramble along the ridge between the tops of these trails, but caution is advised, as there is no defined trail. Trail maps indicating these trails are available in the Grizzly Center or for download at the Trail Maps page. You may want to look at our List of Recommended Hikes as well, in PDF Format.

Snowbasin's Free Guided Tours

Always remember to obey the rules of mountain use safety!

Mountain Biking

Snowbasin's single track trails are well maintained and wind through scenic aspen groves and gladed pines. All levels of riding are available from the base including gondola accessed trails. More than 26 miles of trails connect to additional Forest Service trails for nearly 50 miles of fun. For the true "gear head," Snowbasin offers gondola bike access to challenging uphill climbs and extreme downhill switchbacks. The truly adventurous will want to try our “Top to Bottom and More“ Mountain Bike Adventure (brochure available for download in PDF). Novice and moderate trails are the perfect choice for a scenic family ride or picnic. Check our calendar to find out about mountain bike race events at Snowbasin!

The Grizzly Center, located off the Main Plaza, offers full rental packages at the Rental Shop. Trail maps and shuttle schedule are also available in the Grizzly Center.

Snowbasin trails are open to the public seven days a week, with gondola service available on weekends during the summer season. For more information on surrounding hiking and biking trails, contact Weber Pathways. Weber Pathways is a non-profit organization in Weber County, Utah, dedicated to hiking trails, mountain biking trails, and pathways for horseback riders, cross-country skiers, snow-shoers, and other non-motorized trail users.